E-mail service, for people who wish to stay anonymous and value their privacy.

Diamonds are forever. E-mail was not built to be analyzed, archived and searched by every government agency around the world. If you have nothing to hide, then use Yahoo and Gmail instead. We believe that your e-mail belongs to you and you only and we can provide solution for you to achieve this goal.

  • Tor hidden services are running on dedicated servers that are for this service only.
  • Outbound traffic is firewalled, so thre are no data leaks outside Tor network.
  • All disks are LUKS encrypted.
  • Daily backups
  • Logfiles are erased daily
  • Public (clearnet) server is just proxy and is hosted on different locations

The service is not free because we do it with right tools and effort that require money. Although we have mission first and business intent on second place. We are running tor exit nodes and relays to contribute to the community.

Service parameters:
  • 0.1 BTC / Year
  • 10GB disk space
  • IMAP, POP3, SMTP access
  • Web based access – RoundCube & SquirrelMail
  • Peering with other .onion mailservers
  • yourname@ncikv3i4qfzwy2qy.onion and yourname@anoninbox.net address

We don't ask questions BUT we don't tolerate spam, childporn, violence. In those cases your account will be terminated.